Oculus Rift Teams Up With Razer Hydra For Some VR Goodness


Oculus, makers of the Rift VR goggles, recently teamed up with Razer to use the Sixsense six degree, motion sensing, Hydra controller.  The controller allows the user to control two floating hands to interact with objects in the in-game world.

Oculus is displaying the new controller setup on a custom version of Oculus’ Tuscany demo.

The entire demo is quite impressive and really shows that now may finally be the time for gamers to embrace virtual reality gaming.

Check out the demo video after the break.

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DayZ, IRL, Short Film. Now I want a DayZ Full Movie.

DayZ, created by Dean “Rocket” Hall, is a zombie, survival video game mod built on the existing ArmaII war game.  Hall and his team of developers are working on a standalone version of DayZ which should be released sometime this year.

The guys over at Corridor Digital made this amazing short film based on the game DayZ.

Should DayZ be made into a feature length movie?  Why or why not?



Grid 2 Release Date; Pre-order Bonuses

Following on the heals of the Grand Theft Auto V release date announcement, Codemasters, the developers of Fuel, Dirt and Grid have announced May 28, 2013 as the North American release date for Grid 2.  The UK will have to wait until May 31 .

To the right you can see the official box art which was also revealed.  The PS3, Xbox 360 and PC will all share the same box art.

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Grand Theft Auto V Release Date: September 17, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V has finally been given an official release date of September 17, 2013, four months after the originally planned release window of spring ’13.

As expected, this comes with a mix of fan reactions.  Form posts are ranging from disappointed to completely understanding:

“R* u let alot [sic] and i mean ALOT [sic] of people down today”  — TNAECW

“All I’m saying is Rockstar “Take all the time you need” There’s obviously a good reason, what would you guys rather?They rush it and it turns into a bad games which we’ll all be disappointed in … or an epic game Rockstar has promised?” — NUMBER1FAN

On their website, Rockstar apologizes and promises that “the entire team here is working very hard to make the game all it can be”.  They also state that they are doing what they can to “ensure [GTAv] will meet if not exceed your expectations come September.”

Rockstar is asking that fans try to refrain from being abusive in the comment section and, if necessary, they will suspend forum privileges:

… this does not give you free reign to be abusive in comments. The general rules of common courtesy, decency and behavior as listed above the Comment Box still apply here, therefore anyone continuing to post abusive comments will have their privileges suspended.

Although this is posted on the official Rockstar website, I’ve seen so many rumored release dates and read so many headlines and “insider reports” about the release that I find myself wondering if this is even true.

I don’t mind this date.  Rockstar calls this game “massive and complex” and if this is true, four extra months to work out any issues and add a little extra polish should be appreciated by any true gamer.